"Bold and colorful … lots of terrific photos, this will attract readers."

Booklist, 2009

(The Obamas: First Family of Hope, 6 vol. set)

"My students love these books … they're the first things they pick up every time … a series they actually want to read."

—Middle school remedial reading teacher

2006 (Hip-Hop, 25 vol. set)

"A wide-awake design … abundance of photos … and a winning writing style put a positive spin on this musical phenomenon."

Booklist, 2006 (Hip-Hop, 25 vol. set)

"These books are like Teen People … they're absolutely great for getting everyone involved."

—Middle school principal, 2007

(Pop Culture, 15 vol. set)

"Poker books for teens? Yes! Definitely. … catches their interest … gets them reading and thinking."

—Middle school counselor, 2007

(Superstars of Poker, 14 vol. set)